Hi my name is Bernarda Pelaez and I'm the designer and creator of YAPA.

We make beautiful 100% baby alpaca knitwear designed in New York & ethically made in Bolivia.  Our knits are basic pieces with a fun twist that are meant to last. Inspired by our Bolivian heritage a contemporary lifestyle and crafted by artisan knitters in one of the finest natural fibers in the world we're trying to make clothing  in a mindful way one knit at the time. 

Our goal is to design fewer pieces made in a better way. We believe quality is an investment in the future and that clothing ought to be made in a mindful way. Less waste and less pollution.

YAPA combines traditional Andean craftsmanship with contemporary and aims to promote Bolivian heritage and the artisan industry, increase fair and safe job opportunities and contribute to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

La Paz - Bolivia at 3600 meters above sea level is where each of our 100% baby alpaca sweaters and accessories are handcrafted by exceptional local artisan knitters using centuries old knitting techniques. Each of our knits is carefully finished and many also hand embroidered.

Treasured by the ancient Inca civilization, alpacas and alpaca fiber have been part of the Andean and Bolivian culture for centuries.

About us

Our love for natural materials, passion for design and high-quality craftsmanship is combined to make our 100% baby alpaca sweaters and accessories.

Our pieces are designed in New York where Bernarda Pelaez our creative director is based  but all of our production and much of our inspiration comes from her native Bolivia.

We believe that the origin of our products, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance to the aesthetics of the garments and that the combination of these elements is what makes our products special.

At YAPA, we value the expertise of our Bolivian artisans, whose skills are passed down from generation to generation with a true desire to keep ancient traditions alive and support local production and fair wages.

Bolivia and our artisans 

YAPA's entire manufacturing process is based in La Paz, Bolivia. 

From the alpaca farms and farmers in the highlands to fiber processors in the city and the teams of mostly women who knit the finished product from their homes or in our workshop. By choosing to either work from home or at the workshop, the women can dedicate more time to their families, while benefiting from stable living conditions and fair wages. Each of these aspects contributes to a larger process that supports local lifestyles and communities.

Once a year Alpacas thick winter coat is shorn in the spring, allowing them to graze more comfortably in the summer heat, while providing us with their quality fiber for processing. The alpaca fiber from the softest areas of the alpacas is separated and transformed into 100% baby alpaca wool for your alpaca sweaters and accessories.

We are proud to produce locally close to the origin of our raw materials. Yapa knits are traceable farm to finish. 


YAPA follows fair labor practices, fair trade & sustainable production, in addition our Mission is to support Bolivian heritage and artisans and to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry.




Ethically Made

Cruelty Free