Why buy an alpaca sweater?


Alpaca wool is an incredibly soft, smooth, and warm fiber that makes alpaca sweaters one of those simple luxuries you don’t realize you are missing until you wear one yourself. What also distinguishes alpaca sweaters from the rest is their cozy appeal as well as that they will look new for a long time since alpaca is a very durable fiber that peel less than other wools. Once you buy an alpaca sweater you will want to buy more.

Why are Alpaca wool sweaters becoming a new trend?

Alpaca fiber has been around for centuries mostly in the Andean regions of Bolivia and Peru and alpacas are part of South American culture. Now quickly becoming more popular around the world for its high quality and sustainability you will find alpaca wool sweaters and accessories in the main runway shows of New York, Paris and London.

Benefits of alpaca sweaters

Alpaca wool is a premium-quality, environmentally friendly material. It’s commonly compared to cashmere due to its similar softness and texture being alpaca a more sustainable option.
Alpaca wool also has an advantage compared to other types of wool, its fibers contain extra hollow spaces. The added space causes more thermal capacity, which in turn permits more hot air to pass through the material and provides added warmth as well as breathability that you wouldn’t otherwise get from standard wool.
In addition to warmth, alpaca wool also offers various other benefits, which include:
• Odor Resistance
• Breathability
• Durability
• Lightweight
• Flame Resistance
• Windproof
• Biodegradability
• Water Repellence
• Flexibility
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