Baby alpaca wool knitwear, how are Yapa alpaca sweaters made?

Baby Alpaca Wool

Alpacas are sheared once a year in the spring, in each shearing you can obtain roughly 5 to 10 pounds of fleece.

Our knits are made of 100% pure “baby alpaca” wool the highest quality of alpaca fiber. This term refers to the grading of the fineness of the fiber. It’s the softest parts of an adult alpaca not the age of the animal. It is very common to think that baby alpaca wool comes literally from a baby animal and why wouldn't you believe that, after all, that's what the name says.

Baby alpaca hair is 22.5 microns wide, lightweight and strong. It is highly valued in the industry and is considered a luxurious fiber. 

Our heritage is more than a story about a remarkable material it's a story of people in the Andes sharing their surroundings with the alpacas while earning a living for centuries.

Bolivian and Peruvian highlands have been home for alpacas since the Incas time. Alpacas were treasured by the ancient Inca civilization and their fine fleeces were reserved for Incan royalty.

Alpaca wool is soft, warm, and hypoallergenic, and because alpacas are “gentle grazers”, their impact on the land is light. Making them one of the most environmentally friendly natural fibers on the planet.

Alpaca wool also comes in many beautiful shades, so YAPA knits are either natural or made with non-toxic dyes. Alpaca wool is also a natural fiber, therefore is biodegradable.

YAPA 100% Baby Alpaca clothing Sustainably and Ethically made in Bolivia.

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