Alpaca Care

     How to take care of your YAPA alpaca knits 
  • Can I hand wash my alpaca wool sweater?
      Yes. If you choose to hand-wash, here is what we recommend:

      Step 1: Fill a basin with cold water with a small amount of gentle, dye-free              detergent. Eco-friendly baby detergent or shampoo is our favorite.

      Step 2: Submerge your alpaca sweater and gently swirl for 1 min. Then, let it          soak for 2-3 min. Gently press your alpaca to let out excess water, be careful          not to twist or stretch.

      Step 4: Unroll and lay flat in its natural shape to air dry.

      Step 3: Lay sweater flat on a thick, dry towel. Roll the towel up like a yoga              mat, pressing as you go

       If any wrinkles remain after completely dry, use a medium heat steamer to             remove them.

       Dry Cleaning is always another option to care for your Alpaca sweaters.

  • How do I store my Alpaca sweaters?

        Store all your alpaca sweaters in reusable storage bags to protect you                    sweaters from moths and humidity.

      * Tip: want to wear alpaca garments in direct contact with your skin but           you are sensitive we recommend you to try this:

         In a tightly sealed ziplock or plastic bag, leave your sweater one night in a             freezer and you will see that the next day your sweater will feel softer.


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