Alpaca sweaters, 6 facts that will make you want to buy one

    1. Alpaca sweaters are light, soft, warm.
    2.  Alpa knits are Perfect for all seasons since alpaca fiber is hollow which means that it doesn’t absorb the moisture, but instead sheds it and pushes it away. When heat comes off of your body, it works as an engine to push the moisture molecules to the exterior of the garment, through the hollow fibers meaning that it won’t become saturated, heavy or stay wet. This grants it the ability to wick moisture off of your body at an 85% greater rate than any wool product ever could. Because alpaca fleece wicks moisture away so well it is the most breathable natural fiber and therefore keeps you cool in the summer!isholIt holds more heat than any other fiber in cold climates, and is light and cool for hot days. Since the alpacas resist temperatures of -0 degrees during the nights and more than 25 degrees during the day under the intense Andean sun.
    3. Alpaca wool absorbs moisture from the environment and sweat. So it will keep you dry and warm even if the garment is wet and best of all is that it does not absorb bad odors.
    4. Alpaca wool is more durable than other fibers letting you enjoy your favorite alpaca garment for many years.
    5. It is an ecological fiber, unlike synthetic garments, alpaca wool does not require many chemicals to be processed and is biodegradable and non-flammable.
    6. Alpaca fiber used by YAPA comes from small farms in the Bolivian andes and is traceable from farm to finish.

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